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CrowdPatent is the world's first platform connecting inventors, investors, and innovators. INVENT. INVEST. INNOVATE.

We allow investors to directly invest into inventions, patent applications, and patents. Thus, CrowdPatent offers an entirely new asset class where investors can purchase so-called InventionShares. This allows investors to secure direct interests in revenues when Intellectual Property rights are monetized.


We determine high potential inventions and patents.


Investors provide capital in return for InventionShares®.


The industry acquires Intellectual Property rights, thus, generating returns for inventors and investors.

Track Record

AGL Damper Principle

The damper prinicple works adaptively and provides for optimum contact between tires and road in reversal points.

50% revenues, < 12 months

Enhanced Comparison of Fingerprint Data

The reliable fingerprint recognition! Enables secure access and is compatible with technologies used in most commercially available products

50% revenues, < 12 months

Biometrics and Secret Key Binding Scheme

A Privacy-Enhanced Biometrics and Secret Key Binding Scheme to Safeguard Personal Data in Untrusted Computing Environment.